Vitality Fusion
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The Vitality Fusion with its eye-catching performance design is the flagship model in the Vitality series.
With its unique interaction between blue Activating Light LEDs and red Radiance LEDs, Fusion Technology guarantees particularly deep and directly visible tanning results, while also looking after the skin at the same time. The extensive full equipment package with Air Condition Plus, Aqua Fresh & Aroma, Surround Cooling including 3-zone ventilation with separate controls, NFC Connect and Cinematic Sound including Bluetooth® and Wireless Charging makes some time-out on the bed a feast for all the senses.


Fusion Technology combines Activating Light and Radiance for the very first time. Blue Activating Light LEDs prepare the skin for tanning and intensify the directly visible results. Red Radiance LEDs look after the skin while tanning and also improve the final result. The interaction between the two tailored light spectra allows for unparalleled tanning results that are also kind to the skin.

The more accurately the light spectrum matches the action range, the better suited it is for the application. To achieve the best possible results, Ergoline relies on Fusion Technology, which uses only high-performance LEDs that generate only the effective blue and red light spectra.


  • Preparation of the skin
  • Activation of the skin and body
  • Quick, intensive direct pigmentation


  • Treatment of the skin
  • Improved circulation
  • Enhanced oxygen supply
  • Naturally beautiful tan


  • Perfect combination of the light spectra
  • Combined effects of Radiance and Activating Light
  • Deep directly visible tanning results with kind skin treatment

Personal Sunstyle

Gentle to intense

From gentle to intense, you can achieve your own ideal tanning results.

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging station

With Wireless Charging, you can charge your smartphone while soaking up the rays.

LED Shoulder Tan

Perfect all-over tan

LED technology for an extra deep tan in the shoulder area.

Spectra LED facial tanners

Efficient, energy-saving and kind to the skin..

Efficient, energy-saving and kind to the skin, Spectra generates precisely the light spectra needed to make each tanning session as enjoyable as possible.

90% less power consumption, less heat and incredible tanning results. 

Heat is often seen as synonymous with tanning but, in fact, the opposite is true: If the skin is subjected to too much heat, it triggers a response from the blood vessels to help to cool the skin. Blood is diverted away from the skin, which leads to a reduced nutrient supply and can lessen the tanning response.

By reducing the development of heat, Spectra is also kind to the skin, increasing the effectiveness of the gentle Radiance. Because the lighting technology is particularly homogeneous, these tanners deliver a deep, even tan every time. For the best and gentlest tanning experience of all time.

All-over cooling
from head to toe

3-zone ventilation

A world first: 3-zone ventilation with intelligent automatic ventilation. Feet, body and facial fans can be controlled separately.


Surround Cooling

A steady flow of air moves over the body like a fresh sea breeze. And now the Surround Cooling function is quieter than ever before.


Air Condition Plus

A comfortable temperature with powerful, efficient air conditioning fitted as standard. So, you’ll never break a sweat – not even in summer.


The Vitality Fusion uses the latest UV and light technology for a one-of-a-kind tanning experience. UVA LEDs from Ergoline use a specially developed reflector system to deliver particularly deep, directly visible tanning over the face and shoulders. Thanks to the LED technology, the tanning performance remains constant at all times and the unit creates a deep, even tan instead of individual “hotspots”.

The UV spectrum is extended by combining blue and red light (known as Fusion Technology). Blue Activating Light LEDs prepare the skin for tanning and improve the directly visible results. Red Radiance LEDs look after the skin while tanning and also intensify the final result. For a particularly deep and beautiful tan.

With two different types of tube, the Vitality Fusion sets a unique tone. As the Blue UV, it places special focus on a directly visible tan on your body. As the Hybrid version, extra care is provided for the skin thanks to the smartsun tubes. And with the dynamic electronic ballasts (Dynamic Performance), a 100% tanning performance is guaranteed every time.

With Personal Sunstyle, you can choose from three individual tanning programmes – from gentle to intense. So, everyone can enjoy their own ideal tanning results.

  • 208 UVA LEDs
  • 50 tubes with Dynamic Performance
  • As Blue UV or Hybrid version
  • Fusion Technology
  • Selectable UV intensity


Concerns over wrinkles and premature ageing are the biggest obstacle for people deciding whether to use a solarium. That is why we have paid particularly close attention to improving the way our technology cares for your skin. The consistent enhancements to our Radiance LED technology use a new reflector system to deliver a much more homogeneous distribution of light. The high-performance LEDs guarantee effective care for the skin on your face, cleavage and body. At the same time, the red LEDS stimulate oxygen production in your skin, supporting the tanning performance with the same level of UV. For a brilliant all-over tan and silky soft skin.

  • 54 Radiance LEDs
  • Radiance Complete
  • Deep-down gentle care for the skin
  • Improved oxygen supply

Activating Light

The blue Activating Light LEDs activate the skin and improve the directly visible tanning results. Over the last decade, light researchers have discovered things that were previously thought to be impossible. Blue light, for example, is extremely important for humans’ chronobiological adjustment to daytime and night time. It activates the body, has energising properties and increases our performance. In our skin, it acts like a musical conductor, making sure that individual light reactions play in time with one another. For our cells, blue light signals the presence of sunlight, therefore stimulating a quicker tanning response. The direct tanning results appear deeper, even though UV levels remain the same.

  • 54 Activating Light LEDs
  • Patent registered (CH)
  • Activating effect of blue light
  • Preparation of the skin


The Vitality Fusion is equipped with all comfort features as standard to ensure relaxation at its purest. The full comfort equipment package with Aqua Fresh, Aroma, Air Condition Plus and Cinematic Sound system including Bluetooth ® and Wireless Charging guarantees moments to truly savour. All comfort settings can be saved to an NFC chip. When you hold the chip against the NFC field next time you visit, the Vitality Fusion will be automatically set up in line with your personal preferences.

  • Full equipment package as standard
  • Cinematic Sound with Bluetooth®
  • Wireless Charging for smartphones
  • Surround Cooling 3-zone ventilation
  • Air Condition Plus system
  • NFC Connect / Personal Comfort
  • Large Multi Relax bed (214 x 90 cm)
  • Aqua Fresh & Aroma
  • Interior 7” touch display
Technische Daten

Technische Daten

Product dimensions
(L x W x H in cm)

235 x 144 x 155

235 x 144 x 190

Internal cabin dimensions required
(L x W in cm)

250 x 230

Maximum total output when connected to mains 400/415 V 3 N

13.100 Watt


3 x 32 A


534 kg

Product information

You can find out more in our

operating instructions and planning manuals